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topsOrtho™ unveils Lightning Cloud™—the fast, easy, reliable, and secure high-performance cloud.

Every day, the forces of evil can attack your practice, vexing the staff with inefficient workflow, time-consuming backups, system crashes, and general mayhem.

Enter the super powerful, ultra-fast Lightning Cloud, a vortex of energy generated by the superheroes of team tops.

Lightning Cloud blows away time-consuming backups, obliterates expensive, in-office servers, endows your staff with superhero powers for fast and efficient workflow.

Plus a few more things that may come in handy in a busy orthodontic practice:

  • Lightning fast speed, even with high-res images
  • Legendary reliability (never down!)
  • Automatic feature upgrades
  • Available 24/7 with any internet connection
  • Automatic backups
  • No server headaches
  • No IT costs
  • Built-in letter writing
  • Big savings on hardware
  • Built-in, 2-way appointment reminders

Lightning Cloud—the fast, easy, reliable, and secure high-performance cloud.

tops Software is the developer of topsOrtho—the innovative, secure, Mac-based practice management software offering imaging, complete digital communication, and cephalometrics for orthodontic practices worldwide.

To learn more about Lightning Cloud or information about topsOrtho, please  call +1 770.627.2527 or email