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topsOrtho™ introduces topsExpress™:
The ultimate in patient communication!

One of the biggest challenges of running an Orthodontic practice is keeping up with patient communication. Some prefer postcard reminders. Some only want emails or text messages. Other challenges include staff texting patients from their personal phones. It can be confusing keeping up with who’s been contacted and the status of that communication.

That was the inspiration for the latest tops innovation—topsExpress™!

With topsExpress, topsOrtho makes communication both easier and more efficient. topsExpress contains sophisticated, built-in SMS appointment reminders and secure, encrypted email. It incorporates direct, one-to-one SMS messaging that originates from the primary practice telephone number, not from staff’s personal cell phones.

So what’s included?

• SMS/Email Appointment Reminders: Built into topsOrtho!

• Secure, HIPAA-Compliant, Direct SMS messages sent from a practice’s main office number: Send sms from within topsOrtho using the main practice phone number, not a staff member’s cell phone. Secure team chat is also included.

• Secure, Encrypted, HIPAA-Compliant Email

Innovation and creativity never end at team tops. In fact, topsOrtho’s developers are already working on new, Superpower features based on customer input and research. They look forward to announcing each innovation as it’s developed!

Dr. Mark Sanchez, founder, CEO and Chief Developer for topsOrtho, offered this:

“Today, we have more ways to communicate than ever! With the development of topsExpress, we have created a hassle free way for practices to communicate with their patients from inside topsOrtho. One source–direct to patients. That’s topsExpress! ”

To learn more about topsOrtho or how to take advantage of topsExpress, please email or call us +1 770.627.2527.