Special Perks for Residents and New Grads

Free Lunch!

This could be the best meal you eat this week! Contact us now and schedule a Lunch and Learn. We’ll show you the many benefits of topsOrtho™. Our Superhero sales reps will explain how easy and affordable it is to start your practice off with our award winning software. Simply call Gretchen Hale at +1 770.627.2527 or  ghale@topsOrtho.com.


Residents: Attend topsFest™ on us!

Network with the best orthodontic talent in the country! Network and learn stuff you won’t anywhere else! Come to our annual users meeting—topsFest™. We offer a great lineup of speakers and consultants to help you plan for your future practice. Learn about topsOrtho, and our other products—topsCephMate™ and topsEcho™. Then, meet our team to see how we can become a valuable part of your practice. We offer a select number of free registrations for graduating orthodontic residents. Join us! Contact Maleka Watson today at +1 770.627.2527 or mwatson@topsOrtho.com.


New grad pricing

tops offers a substantial discount to new grads who are opening a new practice or buying an existing practice. It’s easy! And more affordable than you might think! Call Gretchen Hale at +1 770.627.2527 or ghale@topsOrtho.com.



  • Does topsOrtho include imaging? Yes. topsOrtho includes your practice management, imaging, word processing and database.
  • Can topsOrtho work with my digital X-ray system? Yes. Our customers use all the leading digital X-ray systems with their topsOrtho software, including Planmeca, Sirona, Sidexis and Kodak.
  • Do you provide discounts and financing for new grads? Yes. tops offers a substantial discount to new grads who are either starting a new practice or buying an existing practice. Our founder and CEO, Dr. Mark Sanchez, feels strongly about helping you establish your practice with the right tools at a very reasonable rate.
  • Does topsOrtho have a patient education system? We are proud to offer Braces Academy. It’s a great way to educate your patients about their treatment and proper care for their braces. Patients watch videos at home. Videos can be sent via SMS or email. Plus you’ll see a bump in referrals from dentists! There are also other great patient education software solutions that work on Apple OS X! These include ScreenPlay, iACT and Consult Pro.


Words of Wisdom from Dr. Alex Cranford

I chose topsOrtho™ straight out of school. There was a lot about topsOrtho that really spoke to me. A lot of it was how intuitive it was and the ability to use this system as effortlessly as possible because here you are going into a brand new practice… you’re starting from scratch and you’ve got to focus on patients and building the practice. If you’re in front of a patient and you look like you’re trying to figure out where you’ve placed the images and files, you’re going to look like a fool because patients can pick up on those cues. You have to be as buttoned up as possible.
Dr. Alex Cranford

Cranford Orthodontics

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